Hockey is wonderful all the time; women are also, dependant on the amount of alcohol consumed !!!

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Welcome to the greatest hockey server in the country of the Olympic Winners and World Champions made BY and FOR all the hockey fans
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First time on OHF...

You have come to the OHF site (Original Hockey Fans). We want you to take part in its creation. If you live in a hockey-playing country, write about your local hockey scene! If you live in a non-hockey playing country, write how you feel about hockey and how we could spread the game.
Tell us about anything concerned with hockey or about  the life of hockey fans . Write about your travels across half the world to watch your team's matches!
Do you watch hockey on TV and are you satisfied with the quality of the match broadcasting you get?
Tell us if you prefer another sport to hockey (impossible!!!) and why?
Are you a hockey-player yourself? We want to know!
Has your fan club meet a  fans club from abroad and did you get pissed together. Write about it!
Are you on a downer  in summer like us, when there is no hockey? 
Are you a webmaster of a cool amateur hockey website? 
If you want to write a short message, use our "comments feature" (Chat)
Send us  longer articles with pictures, statistics and links to world@ohf.cz! We'll put it on! 
Contact us and give us your opinions and views !

This website's webmasters are from Czech - country of world and Olympic champions.
We say that the Canadians invented hockey but the Czechs perfected it !! :-)

Our focus is to bring you news of the Czech Hockey scene, but we want information concerning the worldwide hocky situation and for this we want you to participate.

Its better to use the English language, but  we can also translate German and put it on. Unfortunately we can't promise translation from other languages at the moment. Maybe you can help us with this ?

Originally this noncomercial, independent, slightly non-leagal / underground site was founded as a funpage just in the czech language - see the blue article below. In 1999 we added the actual list of Czech hockey transfers and in summer 2000 we have started world.ohf.cz

The way OHF was founded

(by Roj, OHF#1, 1998)

In the beginning there was chaos.........
Nobody knew anybody, everyone watched hockey and we all went to support our favorite clubs. Apart from the interest in the game of our stars, we were all enthralled by the magic formula written on the ice - www.hokej.cz! Many normal fans didn't understand it at all, but there were a few of us lucky enough to be connected to the internet. So we tried it, and it worked!

Apart from the hockey articles there was a tempting button called "Fans reactions" especially for us. So we started to give our impressions through our keyboards and gradually the arguments about who's' team was the best stopped and we moved to more constructive comments and discussions.

Then along came Nagano and the amazing event in the Old town square when WE WON !!, possibly the best experience for any Czech hockey fan. It was not surprising that the people communicating through the web site wanted to meet other fans and where was the best place? In the pub of course. There was only few of us at first, but no start is easy.

After the first few meetings we organized the trip to the World Championship in Basel (1998). It was there that we decided to set up some completely non official pages, which would be open for everyone. Then the real meetings were visited by more and more fans and if it does not sound like a soap opera from our "favourshit" channel TV Nova, I would say we became friends :-)

You can catch us on x-chat in the "OHF" room, or you can contact us at our own chat Some of us have also founded two hockeyball teams, which play the Second Prague Hockeyball League.

Now I will introduce what each item in the menu means.

Společné akce - OUR ACTIONS
Co se chystá - WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN - about future events (meetings etc.)
Co už bylo - WHAT HAS HAPPEN - archive of recent and historical events

Ohlasy H. F. - REACTIONS OF FANS - our own chat, and also guestbook for visitors
Seznam OHF - LIST - the list of the OHF members with important and/or interesting information
Síň slávy OHF - HALL OF FAME

Kukínko - couldn't be translated, because it has no meaning :-)
Media a hokej - MEDIA AND HOCKEY - our articles about TV, radio and Internet in the relationship to hockey
Hokejové přehledy - HOCKEY SUMMARIES - Czechs and Slovaks in NHL and European leauges, facts about American Hockey
Zlatý fond - THE GOLD FUND - the archive of the best of OHF
Ledová židle - THE ICECHAIR - interviews, with questions from all of us
Pohled pod led - VIEW UNDER THE ICE - detailed analysis of a problem
Stálé odkazy - PERMANENT LINKS - interested links to the hockey-sites

...links to our two hockeyball teams

(with unfunctional links)
1998 The first (by Sid)
1999 The Second (by Roj)
2000 Reconstructed 2nd (xRadis and Roj)
Page managed by Roj  and xRadis
Founded by SID 29th July 1998
Send all comments, questions or articles to 
Roj, Sid or xRadis
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